Monday, February 4, 2013

21 for 21 a Birthday to remember

Today as I reflect what has gone on during my 21 years I celebrate those years & how God has watched over me. I have learned & grown so much since that day I was born child #3 21 years ago.
4 months ago, I had thought about what my friends & other people typically do for their 21st Birthday. I felt like God wanted me to do something BIG & entirely different from what MOST people do for their 21st Birthday. Since my sister has Down syndrome otherwise known as Trisomy 21 & with March 21st being world Down syndrome day I knew I had to do something in her honor.
So, an idea formed.$21,000 for Reece's Rainbow in honor of the 21st chromosome, & my 21st Birthday. After trying for one idea after the other for just a local fundraiser with some disapointing results of it was going to happen I went ahead to setup a chipin for those friends out of town. Little did I know this would be MUCH BIGGER THAN EXPECTED!!!
The chipin started really kicking off fast on January 17th & almost everyday since then 1 donation per day as come in!!! Thanks everyone for donating I could not have imagined over $2,000 raised so far! I have extended the chipin a few days to reflect the chipin issues days as well as be sure it's still open for donations today for my Birthday. To start part of the fact the chipin has truly kicked off so well is the amazing support of my sister, Rebekah!!
When this first started when I thought we were doing a quarter auction she created something for me to handout to ask for donations of prizes. After a time we just knew their was not enough time to make that happen so when she sent it to me I asked if their was a way to change it to share with the media world. I revealed her creation on facebook & it has been such a success! It has been shared at least 40 times & though some of those shares are my family, alot of friends have shared it too via facebook & twitter!
Thanks dear sister for creating it & taking time out of your busy life! She has truly been excited about this project posting every day sometimes more than once. Rebekah, I love you sweet sister & your heart in supporting your somewhat crazy sister in her wish for her Birthday. I will certainly miss you being in the same state but I know God wants you there so I wish you the best. Your creativity is so good I never could have come up with the thing you made!
I would like to say a HUGE & I MEAN HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BEST FRIEND, MOM!!! When I started this goal I did not expect the amount of support she would do. Little did I know it would take lots of "cheerleaders" to help me in my mission! She has done SO MUCH, I can barely form the words of all what she has done for me. Mom, I know you groaned as soon as I said I wanted to raise $21,000 for Reeces Rainbow but you went ahead to step out of your comfort zone & beyond that to lovingly support your daughters dream. She has also shared almost everyday. Love ya Mommy so very much!!!
My family as been such a big support team & Love them all dearly!!! They all have shared in some form or the other. Thanks family for emailing, sharing, & doing everything possible to support me in this goal!
I would also like to thank all my friends for your love & support for the Leatherbys fundraiser! I think it will be a success! After many frustrations of what/where we could do some sort of fundraiser night on my actual birthdate my Mom came up with the Brilliant idea of looking to see if Leatherbys might be an option. It's a local Ice Cream place that is very popular around our area & is a big hangout spot with my churches Youth group. It was thrown together at the last minute but thank heaven for all of you who have been spreading the word!!! If you come to Leatherbys PLEASE BRING THE FLYER (Picture of flyer printed works too!) OR SHOW THE PICTURE OF THE FLYER ON YOUR PHONE for 20% of the proceeds to go to Reece's Rainbow!
Last of all today as you are going about your lifes or even partying at Leatherbys, Please say a prayer for these precious girls. Think of them when your eating ice cream as they probably don't get to celebrate their Birthdays. I know I will be thinking of them as I wear my starfish necklace throughout the day. 
One last thought, Please keep praying for all the orphans stuck in Russia.

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Stori said...

I always love your sweet blog posts! Your 21 for 21 was such a wonderful goal. Please keep loving and fighting for our orphans, even if we get discouraged sometimes, especially after what happened in Russia. We will keep praying for them!