Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A precious beauty

Beautiful that's what I am,
My name is Brandi & I just want to be loved
I have some things called Cerebal Palsy & Microcephaly but you know what? I don't let that stop me! You shouldn't either!
My friend & advocate, Leah has adult friends both with Cerebal Palsy they are married & don't let that stop them either! 
Won't you be my forever family please? If you can't be my family consider making a donation to my grant!
I'm 5 years old & facing the mental institution if I have not been transferred already! 
Please be praying I am fundraising for Brandi through the kids consignment sale starting Thursday (presale)-Sunday. About half of my items proceeds goes to her! I'm crossing fingers for at least $100 if not more!
One more favor can you please go watch this video? If this girl gets 12,000 hits on this on youtube someone will be donating $50,000 to Reeces Rainbow one of which is Brandi!

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