Friday, April 26, 2013

Never forgotten

How do I start the post I never thought I would have to write? This past week a difficult decision was made, for all the children in Ru***as grants to be moved to other children. It looks very dim of the country opening anytime soon so instead of the funds just sitting their what better joy then to let other orphans in open countries come home. It has been a rough week but despite this difficult time I have felt peace like never before. God has answered many prayers knowing Celine is in a good place is partly due to that peace. I do still worry but I know God is with them.
As hard as it was, they had asked who I wanted Celines & Cora Lynnes grants to go to. For me it was not a hard decision as I had already started advocating for most of these girls. Celine & Cora Lynne, you will be forever in my heart & YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!
So, if you still read my blog you will recognize who I chose. I chose these girls cause they are older, similar diagnosis to the girls/my sister, & several reasons but most importantly they need(ed) families. First Happily one of the girls I chose as found her family! As tough & bittersweet as this is I know in my heart God handpicked her for a reason. Once Berkeley's family is public I hope to share more of that story here & continue to help her family to go get her. Celines grant was evenly split between these 3 girls.
And my precious Cora Lynne, whose grant went to Zinnia.
It is my hope that all the other girls find families soon! Even though Ru***a remains closed at least for the near future I am still praying for Gods plan for all these kids lives. When/if they ever reopen I will fight for the girls again! Just cause I am advocating for these new girls does not mean I will forget them. They are in my prayers always. I loved them like daughters & I still mourn for their lives but I am at peace knowing their is still work to be done! Out of ashes Beauty will rise!!!

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Rochelle said...

Great post, Leah! Hard, but good :)