Saturday, May 4, 2013

Deeply Loved forever|Reeces Rainbow

You were my sunshine, 
 Your smile was the key to a piece of me I never thought possible. Like Quinton, I Thought surely your family would find you quickly. Then when your region shutdown I was frantically thinking hope was lost for you but I kept praying. Your door to your region was reopen then all the sudden wham the door to your whole country closed. I never thought this was the path God had lead me to after all he had done through your grant. Tears have been on this up & down ride as I still prayed whatever you want for both girls lives. He has answered my prayers in more ways than one. Most recently, the blessing of new hope that Cora Lynne has gifted to Zinnia who now has a family!
 Cora Lynne, my darling girl. I don't know what kind of place your in or if your doing well. Your daunting eyes is what first captured my heart strings & is what worries me. I have no way to know but am praying for Gods plan for you. Even if you or Celine don't get to be part of a family know that you were deeply loved by me as if you were my own daughter. Because of you touching my life, now you have hopefully touched the life of Zinnia so that she can be loved.
 I know this path may still be hard for me at times but even if the girls don't become available again I know I will see them again someday in Heaven.  Girls, I love you very much & I always will. Love your "momma".

I want to say a HUGE THANKS TO MY FRIENDS & FAMILY AGAIN ALL WHO PLAYED A PART OF MY 21 FOR 21 YOU ALL ARE WHY NOW THESE TWO GIRLS HAVE FAMILIES!! Though Celine & Cora Lynne are who we started it for, it now has become so much more. Should the girls country opens its doors again I know I can count on everyone to rally for them. I always will treasure this moment surrounded by all my church family & friends.

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