Thursday, June 19, 2014

To God be the Glory!

Three years ago, God spoke to me & put her on my heart.
I never had advocated nor thought about her before. I was waiting in line at a pizza place to celebrate my Birthday with my friend. We were chatting about some orphans my friend was fond of & I brought her up n conversation. That night I know God whispered into my heart to pray for her.
I don't know why he picked that night or why he told me to pray for her but I prayed for her. For you see this precious girl got unlisted due to a law change of a special needs list under a certain age. This little girl got relisted the next day, as she had reached the age where her special need no longer applied to that list. Only God could have done that timing!
Since he put her on my heart I started by becoming her Guardian Angel warrior, advocating, fundraising & praying her family would find her. 

Fall 2013 she came close to finding a family but they were unable to adopt her. I was disappointed but understood & knew the family for her was out there.
Fast forward to May 30, 2014 when I saw a post on Facebook saying she had found her family. I was so excited especially when I discovered the family adopting her was a sweet family with an inspiring story. 

The Joy it feels when you have been praying for something or someone for so long when it looked so far away from being answered feels like a dream you just can't even begin to describe. Sometimes it's not the answer or timing you wanted as I have watched many times but God knows & has his plan. 
I give all the Glory to him for helping me as I fundraised, prayed, & advocated for this precious girl named "Brandi" & as I continue to pray & help her family bring her home. 
It was never about me, I just listened to what he told me to do.

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