Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let Freedom Ring

Yes, I know this is a day late but I don't care cause I want to share this message. Some of this I wrote on my fb page yesterday but still want to share with the pictures.
What is Freedom?
Freedom is the chance to be able to run & play. Freedom is the choice to be yourself. Freedom is having a choice of religion. 
Every year we get the chance to celebrate that freedom but yet we tend to forget how blessed we are with that freedom. 
While we get to run & play their are orphans laying down in cribs & beds all day.
While we have a choice to be ourselves & in what we say, what we eat, or when we go to sleep, orphans don't have those choices.
Freedom is having a choice of religion & for them they can't truly experience how much God loves them. On this day each year I can never help to remember the orphans stuck in orphanages & mental institutions who might never know what true freedom is in this lifetime. 
I pray someday I can give a child that freedom but for now I do what God wants me to do.
Please take a moment to thank God for the freedom you have but yet also say a prayer for those like orphans who don't have that freedom. Now just look at how much these kids are enjoying freedom!

Freedom is the priceless act of love to belong & be loved & willing to do whatever it takes to help someone experience that freedom. Adoption is not easy, it's not perfect but if these families could I'm sure they would do it all over again in a instant.
Would you do anything to help a child experience this freedom like these girls have?
Here's some suggestions of ways you can help in the world of adoption:
1.Organize/host a yard sale or other fundraiser
2.donate items/time to support a yard sale or other fundraiser
3.Offer up to watch other children (if any) so they can get paperwork or other things done. Or help out when they travel to adopt said child(ren)
4.Prayer support-it takes nothing but time
5.Make a meal/buy a meal to take to the family once home with their child.
6.Be an encouraging family member or friend to those that make that choice to adopt. 
7.Reach out to your church to see if you can find a way to support adoption even if it's just hosting a fundraiser and/or having an adoption support group.
If your thinking of special needs adoption might I suggest visiting

And this family is giving Ian that freedom
They are about to head on their pickup trip to bring Ian home & are still short on funds to bring him home. Please consider donating even just $5 can make a difference! Let's make freedom ring for this boy so next year he can be home celebrating with his family!

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