Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little bit of everything update

I have not been really into blogging much or when I have something to say I have posted it on facebook since most rarely have time to read blogs & it's just easier to do so there. So not much is new, I still have some unfinished posts waiting in my draft folder but still need to edit the photos for those posts. Anyway as you well know October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month & I know I have been slacking on stuff but here is a photo of my sister who just happens to have that extra chromosome.
She is pretty awesome & it is a rare thing for her to be willing to take a picture with me.
Advocating continues on, first I'm happy to share that "Maria" now Allie is home with her family!
Angel Tree is fast approaching & thing is 97 kids are still waiting for someone to signup as their warrior! If they don't have a warrior by Oct 28th they won't be included on this years Angel Tree! Sadly no doubling up this time. This girl is praying & refuses to let that happen so first thing is first. My Angel Tree child from last year has no warrior & I'm gonna cry if he won't be on there. I know he has no photo but If I managed to help him last year without one then you can too! I'M BEGGING SOMEONE TO STEP UP AS WARRIOR FOR HAISTEN!!! Just signup & to learn more information
Here's the other kids who still need a warrior

I kinda mentioned above that Haisten was my Angel Tree child last year so why did I not pick him this year? I just felt like I was not meant to be his warrior this time. I still love him & want him to find a family but I just was not feeling lead for some reason. So who did I pick? After the boy I wanted already had a warrior I really had a hard time choosing but I chose Sasha who is about the same age as when I first started advocating for my girls. 
She has captured my heart strings & I'm so stoked to be her Angel Tree Warrior! 

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