Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Ripple Effect

A Ripple Effect:
ripple effect is a situation where an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally

This is truly the Perfect illustration of what I wanted to share. 
Sometimes you just wonder if anyone cares or listens to what you say, then that person you never thought was listening cares, then starts the Ripple Effect. I have had several of those happen this year & it always makes my day to hear another of my friends supporting this passion I love.
Here's my Ripple I shared who now has a Christmas warrior who just so happens to be my friend!
Haisten, has no photo that can be shared publicly which makes sharing sometimes difficult but he still needs someone to shout for him so I knew without a doubt he came first for me to find a warrior for. I had him last year, I knew how hard it was but for some reason now I know was God I chose not to be his warrior. 
See if I had not decided to be a warrior, or for another reason this ripple would not have happened. Will you be someones ripple effect today?
I'm sharing Emmaline, now who still needs a warrior too! What ripple effect will start next? Signup to be a warrior today!

Another ripple you can be a part of, Julia who was part of the reason I started blogging/advocating is adding some pink into her family! I met Julia & her son Aaron this past July at the Reece's Rainbow Reunion.
She truly is as sweet as she is online & Aaron is simply inspiring! Help this mama who has helped so many others while she waited to adopt again who is getting to add their first girl in the family! Meet Harper,
Let's get a ripple going for this sweet soul who needs a reason to smile!
Their blog is & you can donate here for tax deductible donation

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