Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful for Family & Don't Give up

November 17th my Mom & sister celebrated a Birthday.

Every year it seems I write the same thing of how much they mean to me but it's true. They are both kind & have hearts like Gold. My Mom has done so much advocating & helping with fundraisers from Gift wrapping, to yard sales, to helping at the Down Syndrome walks, to explaining it to people & handing out brochures, to helping to organize my 21st Birthday fundraiser, & the MANY SHARES & POSTS ON FACEBOOK. I'm truly THANKFUL to have such a SUPPORTIVE mom like her.

So yesterday I was feeling not really discouraged but I don't know what about something falling through & disheartened at the work my sister put into it & thinking how thoughtful she is to giving her stuffed animals to others. Each Christmas & Birthday she puts great effort into selecting gifts for each member of our family, even going the extra mile for me helping to donate to some Angel Tree kids. On Sunday, my sister had a party to help her celebrate her Birthday with those she loves. Seeing the love, support, & friendships those friends have made for Sarah made me think how thousands of kids like her should have what she has. 
I wanted to try to help another on a special day for two people I love cause they have done so much for me. I wrote a note saying it was my sisters Birthday & if anyone wanted to donate to our Angel Tree child in her honor.
I sent it out into cyber land not expecting anything from it & well, someone felt lead to donate to this special gal http://reecesrainbow.org/78127/sasha in my sisters honor & I'm very thankful.
Their are days when I feel like giving up, I feel tired & worn out from posting feeling like she will never get there but then I'm reminded yet again to Trust God. 
While I'm sharing not to Give up, if you wish to make a donation to my Angel Tree girl whom we have made it our family project for this year we would love to see it grow. 
If you make a donation to Sasha or any other Angel Tree child make sure to check out the Giveaway going on http://forallourangels.blogspot.com/2014/11/all-angels-giveaway-day-2.html

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