Friday, December 12, 2014


During Thanksgiving about half the time I was thinking of my Angel Tree Girl Sasha, fretting about fundraising, disappointed over a fundraiser that did not work out, & being truly thankful for what I have. I was a emotional wreck between that among other things, & honestly kept doubting myself saying in my mind "I'm failing her" and I was falling down on my job as her warrior. I know I tend to doubt so much when I should keep my trust in Gods provision but it's easy to fall back or think these thoughts when things don't always go according to planned. I was tired & worn out from the constant pleading which seemed to be heading no where. At some point after I changed my direction I was heading I feel at peace. As I traveled home from Thanksgiving, I saw her grant move little by little & it's still growing! An online auction ended which will bring her about $100 closer towards her goal.
I'm thankful for the life & family I have but yet I never can forget their faces & what they don't have.
3 yrs ago I met a mama who was hoping to adopt a sweet girl named Natasha. I quickly fell in love with this sweet girl & became friends with this mom.
2 yrs ago, my heart broke along with this sweet families as a adoption ban went into effect. Though I was not in the process to adopt from that country my heart was never the same & still holds many kids close to my heart.
My friend is still fighting for her girl & the others which I'm thankful that someone still cares for them. I want to share her plea here today in hopes that maybe somehow, someway it might help.
In honor of Natasha's 9th birthday and the 2 year anniversary of the adoption ban please join together with us to get 10,000 likes on the Parents United for Russian Orphans FB page by the end of the year.
Our goal is for people around the world to come together to help the children stuck in Russian orphanages by providing information and supporting groups that help the children have better lives. We are begging the Russian government to bring about change for the better and continue to ask them to work with our government to allow the remaining pipeline children to come home. If this is not possible, we pray the children will speedily find loving homes in Russia and that the government will provide the necessary support system for them.
Natasha was only 6 years old when a loving family met her and agreed to adopt her. She has spent an extra 2 1/2 years in an orphanage because of the adoption ban and most likely will spend the rest of her life without ever knowing the love of a family if changes are not made.
And the link to our blog and this beautifully written article by Russian journalist and volunteer for Downside Up Julia Kolesnickenko that has links to our documentary that will be shown in Russia on December 13th.
And the link to the documentary FB page.
I think of these girls every night still & their stockings still hung up
Today, I'm thankful that Sasha still has a chance for finding a family & I hope you join me in helping to reach her goal,

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