Saturday, December 27, 2014

Halfway there!

The final countdown is on, just 5 days left in the Angel Tree campaign! 5 days & $487.71 to go! It's been much slower this year then years past for my angel tree child reaching their goal but I trust she will make it. I was very excited to see her grant jump by almost $150 last night. 
I wish I had all the funds in the world to give to this sweet girl, if I could be her mom I would but since I can't I send sweet prayers & share her photo hoping someone will find it in their heart to call her daughter. 
Her beautiful ornament has been admired everytime I walk in my room. 
To me, everytime I think of the potential she has, what she could be doing in a family. I think of how blessed I am to have my beautiful sister.
Yes, my sister has that extra chromosome but she is a person first of all. Sasha deserves Love like Pink Princess & to be the daughter she was meant to be.
Not only is Angel Tree a chance to help raise these kids grants but it's main focus is to raise awareness. 
I shared most of these on Facebook but today I share them here to share the reality of what Love can do for a child & that FAMILY is better than even the "best" orphanage. 

And of course I will never forget my first Angel Tree boy that I met this past summer.
Love wins & this girl is gonna push til she has nothing left to give, when Sasha is in her new family. I might not have any fancy prizes to do a Giveaway, no extra american girl doll to sell, but I do have love & that's more than enough. This is what I wrote yesterday on my fb & that was before the donation.
It's been a nice quiet Christmas, but for me their will be no Quiet til after New Years Eve cause Sasha still has not reached her angel tree goal & I'm gonna try my best to shout for her til she reaches that goal. Two years ago at this point I got an early Christmas miracle of my other angel tree girl reaching her goal before Christmas & though that has not happened for Sasha I'm trusting she will reach her goal by the end of Angel Tree. I have one donation present from my Mom & I'm gonna add my spare change to that. I wish I had all the funds needed for her to reach her goal and/or be completely funded for her adoption but I don't, so I pray, donate what I can, & trust God will provide. I know I have "begged", sent out my plea on fb almost every single day since November 1st but this year I'm yet again reminded how precious my family is to me & I WANT To share that gift for another child. If I was old enough to adopt/other circumstances I would but til that day when I can call a child son or daughter I do what I can do cause GOD WANTS ME TO. It might only be a share one day or $5 donation but I know every little bit helps & it makes a difference to this one. Today, all I ask is that you say prayer for Sasha & all the orphans & share her sweet face.
$634.41 looks overwhelming, far from the $1,000 & to some might seem Impossible to reach but I know with God anything is possible!

Trusting God for the Impossible to be possible! While your at it could you pray for this little cutie to find a family too?
I have fallen in love with precious Clover & gah I so badly wish I could be her mama too.

Lord, Please bring these girls families in this coming year? Amen.

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