Friday, December 19, 2014

Faith, Hope, & Sweet girl named Sasha!

Lately my thoughts have been just easier, somewhat faster to process, whatever you want to call it to just post to my Facebook page. Thing is I tend to forget that their are certain friends who are not on fb land & their are those who have yet to discover the plight of these kids. I know I probably have lost my readers of this blog & if you still read thank you for still reading my somewhat absent blog. It takes lots of energy & sometimes my thoughts don't quite come words like I wish they would. My girls grant has grown this week & this makes me a very happy warrior! 
All this girl wants is a family to call her own. 
It seems this time of year gets me into a mushball of tears. Every time I'm listening to Klove online a song that relates to Sasha & the other orphans comes on right as I'm sharing a post or doing something orphan related. December is always a hard time remembering two girls I love who are stuck in another country & spending another Christmas without families. Every year their stockings still hang with Hope that someday they will find a home.
Most of my decorations are taken down eventually but these stockings remain all year round. I still have faith & hope they will come home to families whether that's in their country or ours.
I have taken many leaps of faith & Hope in my advocating in the past & I still plan to trust God whatever the outcome. My words may not come easily but this Christmas I have faith Sasha will reach her goal. 
It might not be wrapped in a bow under the tree, but is a gift of love! Give her that Love!
Even if your not meant to be her family, share her face & story as you just never know who might be her family! Or if you can go donate to her grant. Most importantly PRAY! This girl, has prayed for you each & every night even if I don't think I have the energy left to do so. I blow kisses to my girls stockings & whisper I love yous to them even if they never know it then I have started the same routine with this picture I placed on cardboard hanging on my bulletin board.
Sasha, to be honest I was afraid like each year since that dreadful adoption ban to allow my heart to open to another for fear that something else would happen. A certain little boy found a warrior so what was I to do? I could have just said no altogether to you or to the Boy I was a warrior to last year but I did not. When I picked 3 girls for my picks I knew without a doubt the criteria of each girl I had chosen. My heart melted for each of them but none of them could truly relate to how I would feel starting with a girl about the age of my girls when I advocated for them. As each day has past since signing up to be your warrior I have fallen more in love with you. You have made this Angel Tree one to remember, you have helped me love again like never before, you have taught me to take leaps of faith once again, & lastly you have helped somewhat heal more broken pieces of my heart. I might still ache with every breath that my girls did not find families, the hurt will still be their at times, & though you will never replace that special spot/them I Love you dear Sasha & I'm ready to find a family for you!

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