Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life as a Sib: A life worth living

Some days I wonder why this world deems down syndrome the end of the world? Yes they may be a bit different but to me we are all different in our own ways. My sister may look different but she is normal as you & I can be. I'm not going to make this a debate about my views but I want to take a chance to share a bit inside my world of being a sibling. Though I have written about her several times I feel the need to share yet again. Some people, when faced prenatal diagnosis with the words Down Syndrome get wrong information from doctors, some thinking its the end of the world, my other children will suffer & this new child will be a burden later down the road to them. I am here to tell you all the wrong information the doctors give you their is HOPE WITH THE RIGHT INFORMATION, NO IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD,  & I can testify to the fact I DO NOT SUFFER OR FEEL BURDENED BY MY SISTER! 
I am not going to lie their are days when I just want to yell at my sister but what sister does not have arguments?
Their are days where I just want to cry at her issues not related to Down Syndrome at all.
Days when I say God why do you have to make her so stubborn? 
But you know what as her Birthday draws near, I am THANKFUL FOR THE LIFE SHE WAS GIVEN. GREATFUL TO BE BLESSED WITH HER SMILES & TICKLES, HUGS & GRATITUDE FOR THE UNEXPECTED TIMES, & MOST OF ALL HER GRACEFULNESS IN HER DANCING SKILLS. Chromosomes or not she is the person GOD CREATED HER TO BE. And I love her no matter what! She has changed my life for the better 100% & so honored to call Pink Princess my sister! I just can't imagine the life she would have lived if she had been born here when institutionalization existed or if she had been born in another country. She loves being an auntie to her new Nephew, J. 
Also this was a video we did last year, it was for a contest but did not get it done in time. Please feel free to share it! I want the whole world to know what us sibs think! Here it is on youtube if you want to share the link.

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