Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today as I am thankful for all God has blessed me with may I share a few faces with you that don't have a reason to be thankful this thanksgiving. They are all on the Angel Tree this year so please share their need! Meet Abbott, he has already been transferred & is only 5 years old.
Next is precious Angelina who is 4 years old. Both her & Abbott can be adopted together or be adopted with Cora Lynne.
Well you already know my angel tree girl, Celine & since I have written plenty of posts just about her I am not going to say anymore but just share her photo yet again.
Another precious girl, Carmen who also can be adopted with Cora Lynne, Abbott, or Angelina. Mom, where are you?
Colton, a precious boy who is dearly loved by a friend of mine who longs for him to find a family. 
And lastly, Pacey who is only 5 months older than my new nephew & has only $121 in his grant. 
Can you be a blessing to them this thanksgiving? Please take a moment to share their faces as you just never know if they will find forever families just by sharing! If you have an extra $5 to spare can you go drop it in their buckets?

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