Monday, November 5, 2012

Step Up for Down Syndrome walk 2012

Saturday, we had our annual Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk. If you may recall last year I lead a table for Reeces Rainbow for my 1st time doing it. It went amazingly well last year! This year I signed up of course to do it again with my awesome friend, Christina. I was frantically getting ready the night before always worried its not going to look that good but I was blown away how amazing it looked!!! It was a gorgeous day & besides the sun in our eyes & the posters/banner/balloons blowing over it was a great day!
We got tons of people looking at our table with the balloons, magnets, & bracelets being the most hit! A friend through RR sent me binders of kids waiting & had lots looking through those. One little boy even stopped to look at our table & asked what was the photos in the binder of & I replied with kids who don't have families & he walked away telling his mom about our table. Well, I will quit jabbering & let the pictures do the talking!

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