Friday, September 13, 2013

Girlfriends & how Small groups changed my life

I have always been shy especially in new situations like when we first moved to CA. It took the longest time for me to even attend youth group at church. I first started in a small group setting when I joined one of the "core group" for youth. I had originally picked this group cause a girl I just met had signed up (later she just never got involved with youth so she never came) but it turned out to be so much more than I thought. The leaders of the group were very personable (still are!) & showed concern. I Loved that group & still treasure that time there. Not too much longer after I was getting comfortable, they stepped down from being youth leaders & I was sad to see them leave.

Then they switched the way youth group was so instead of meeting at other peoples homes it was going to meet at the church. Even though the other youth workers were great & the setup different I never felt comfortable at youth group. For you see most of the topics in todays youth have never much effected me which is great but also I never felt comfortable or related much to the topics. I get it not every change is going to fit one person & I guess as I neared the end of my youth days I was just ready to be done with it. My friends had mostly stopped coming & that saddened me deeply cause I felt I was the truly the only senior still there. I made it to the end & just did not know what I was going to do after moving out of youth. 

With not much thought I decided to join two small groups to start with, first the young adults group which I loved but again the whole I can't relate to topics issue with that age group as I only felt like I connected more with the group leader & then the Ladies group. Young Adults I felt comfortable around everyone but just not to the point where I could be at. I was going to both groups, one every other week & the other every week but when things changed I got a little overwhelmed with attending two groups every week & all the groups were going through the same study so I did not really think I can handle it 2-3 times a week. Nothing wrong with the Young Adults I just don't think that's where God wanted me small group wise. 

I gave it a long time before deciding I just clicked in with the Ladies Group & needed to just stay with them. From the moment I first joined the original Girlfriends group I knew I loved it & fit right in. For the first 2 years, I was listening & grasping all the advice given as things kept changing. I was comfortable & loved all the Ladies in the group. 

March 2013, my dear sister & the other Leader decided it was time to rebirth a new group. I struggled (along with the other girls) lots with making a decision of where I wanted to go. I had prayed about it but did not feel God was leading me to one way or the other. I don't like change & I was already in the midst of several decisions to be made at that time so I was stressed out. I went out of town to nanny for my nephew & thought I would have made my decision by the time I got back. I came back & had to make my decision, I was unsure of my decision as I made it that night as we put which group we were going to. 

Now I'm glad I chose the new rebirth group, as I felt these past few months I have felt even more comfortable & more open to share then previously. I Loved each one of my Leaders don't get me wrong each had something different to bring to the table to learn from but this Leader & group of Ladies has made me feel just right. I feel I can trust them & they are there whenever you need them. I have truly grown because of the Impact of small groups. "Life change best happens in Small Group". What I gained from them is friendship, prayer, wisdom, & advice. 

Each one has meant the world to me & I miss them dearly. If you saw me when I first moved here & truly saw how shy I was then you would see a big change in me. I always felt I never had closer friendships but then these past few months I gained a "sisterhood" of close friends. My confidence level is at a level I want it to be at despite having to make friends all over again.
If your not part of a small group/sunday school in church I suggest you join one! Ladies, your my sisters forever & I want you to know I enjoyed every single moment since I joined the group & since we rebirthed into a new group. It was not easy to say see ya later to you all but I will be sure to try to come back to visit. Small Group changed me for the Better! It helped me break out of my shell & was one of the best decisions I have made. 
These girls have my back & are there no matter what!

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