Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Beginnings|Reeces Rainbow

New Beginnings are never easy. Yes, they are challenging, but yes it is worth the challenge! As I adjust to living in a whole new type of life for me their are types when I just want to cry it all out, hop on a plane ride back to California but yet their are times of Peacefulness that make me enjoy this new life even more.
December 2012 with a stroke of a pen thousands of orphans lives were forever changed & mine as well as many others (especially the families) were shredded to a million pieces. For awhile I like others hoped for change. We thought a special needs amendment would be made. 9 months later & not much progress has been made & it hurts :(. I thought I was getting back on board & I have made progress but yet I was afraid to start to love a new person in fear of having to let go.
Every year November 1st-December 31st is the Big fundraising time for Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree. I have mentioned it here before. I have been a Christmas warrior for 3 years & this year I was unsure what to do since none of "my girls" were on it. I originally was not going to do it, my heart is still with R & wondering how I would choose. It stung going on the pages & not seeing any of the R kids. It broke my heart dearly, knowing how much of a miracle it was this time last year that my friends pulled together in the end to get Celine enough votes so she was on the Angel Tree. Every moment I think about the past or her grant, or how God all pulled everything together to build her grant, she has lost a moment she could have been spending with a family had her country not shutdown. 
Well, God worked on my heart enough so that in her honor I said I would be a Christmas warrior. I had hoped for Brandi to get enough votes to be on it but alas she did not. I put down 3 choices & I was really hoping for my 1st two choices but he knew I needed to remember the very first child I was an Angel Tree warrior for & that he was able to come home to a family. As I write this I realized not only did he bless me with a boy to be a warrior for but that even if it does not turn out how we planned we still need to be open to Loving this child even if he never gets a family here on earth at least someone loved him enough. I loved those girls with every breath as if they were my own, It reminds me of the Love Christ has for us. So here's my new beginning, Meet Joshua, Born May 2012. He may not have any information as of now but I'm going to try my hardest for him to reach the Angel Tree goal of $1,000. He is 5 months older than my nephew & shares his same name. As you can see his grant is currently $0. I don't know how but I'm hoping I will be able to change that. "Out of darkness, Beauty will rise". I'm so in Love with my Newest Butterfly! Can't wait for my 4th Angel Tree & trusting God to provide like he has done countless times!!!

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