Sunday, January 24, 2016

One Less Orphan Update:Boden

I first found about a "Lost Boy" named "Heath" through my friend Julias blog
Somehow I just knew I couldn't just do nothing. In January 2011 I Launched The Lost get Found Giveaway on my blog to help "Heath" & another orphan. He Started out with $630 in his grant before the Giveaway, & raised $2,114.80 during the Giveaway. In 2012 everyone rallied together for Heath to get his grant fully funded & we all waited til this day in 2013 when his family committed to him & then late into 2013 "Heath" now Boden was with his Forever Family.
Now since coming home

He loves Chocolate, Music, piggy back rides, & the blow dryer.
I just can't imagine where he would have ended up otherwise. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING BODEN FIND HIS FOREVER FAMILY!!

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