Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Less Orphan Update:Quinton

Back in 2010, their was a little boy with the sad eyes that struck a special place in my heart. I became his Christmas warrior to help him reach his angel tree goal and/or find a family

As you all know Quinton found a family rather quickly after I started advocating for him. But still I knew I would do whatever I could do to help his family. Little by Little with the support of awesome friends I know made the difference to him. What drew me to him was we shared a Birthday so naturally in 2011 when he was having his first Birthday (and last as an orphan!) I just had to include him in my Birthday party

My friends took home those jars & they gathered their change!
In March I did the Just Between Friends kids consignment sale that ended up raising $171 for Quinton. And in May/June did a yard sale for them & another family which did well.

Since coming home in July 2011 from Ukraine...
He is now a running, jumping, smiling,laughing,loving,mischief magnet! He loves to ride the four wheeler with his pawpaw,play trucks with his Daddy, & watch Disney Jr.
Without your support who knows where Quinton might have ended up & I certainly would have never gotten the chance to meet him twice!

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Nan said...

You are an amazing woman! You show God's love the way it should be!! Love you!