Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One Less Orphan Update-Ian

Sometimes it's simple, falling in love with a certain child or family. But then again other times it proves challenging, needing Prayer & thinking over if this is the family you wish to support. For me, it all started with simply asking about a t-shirt fundraiser.
At that time I was just trying to dig myself back into advocating after just being so-so. I was simply just ordering a t-shirt but as I started messaging this awesome new friend of mine something about her just clicked with me. I had seen her working her tail off in the private group we were in to bring home her son & when they started doing the Family warrior program as an official thing deep in my heart I knew who I wanted to help.
They were adopting a precious boy named Ian
Through becoming their family warrior, God really shined his light & love for not just Ians adoption but really brought me through a journey I needed to see again. You can see the wonderful ways God showed up here & here God always has a plan even if you don't see it yet!
Since coming home from Bulgaria 18 months ago,
He has beautiful English, recognizes lots of site words, & has gone from a Kindergarden level in Math to testing in the middle of 3rd Grade at the Beginning of the year this year. 
Ian loves making Perler Bead crafts (I enjoyed doing this when I was younger but because of my shaky hands I didn't like it enough to continue it)
He also loves having a dog. 
He is such a great brother to his siblings
I had the joy & pleasure getting to meet them this past summer in VA at the RR reunion. It was a bummer not to get a picture with Ian but I enjoyed getting to know them in person & finally meeting this sweet new friend of mine.

And I'm passing along this message from Brooke cause I think the adoptive families appreciate your support as much as I love seeing you support them. From Brooke:
We are so blessed to call Ian son, brother, grandson. He is Loved & a cherished member of our family. I can't imagine our lives without him. I will be forever greatful to my friend who shared his picture on FB, & our Bulgarian attorney who never stopped fighting for Ian or our family, and for everyone like you who came alongside us to help move the mountain of finances that stood between us & our son. 
From me to all my friends-I can't quite recall the fundraisers were but please know helping them meant the world to not only Ian but me too. A special thank you to my friend who was touched by their story & played a huge role into their adoption.


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