Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 10

I am thinking of Cora Lynne today, trying to find a way to fundraise for her & writing the right words so that someone might find this blog & consider Cora Lynne. Cora Lynne, waiting for her forever family. just 10 days into blogging & its hard to figure out what to write. She would make such a sweet daughter, I would snatch her up quick if I was married & over 25. What has captured me interested in her, is her lovely eyes. They would just sparkle if she had a loving family. Would it not be awesome to say she found her family this month? Lets spread the word!!! I have had 50 likes on the facebook group alone & just imagine what that effect that might bring! I CHALLENGE YOU TODAY TO PLEASE BLOG ABOUT CORA LYNNE!!!

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