Friday, May 6, 2011

Donation box & Day 6

As you can see to the right, i have changed my donation box for Celine for the 5/5/5 warrior project. It shows the goal & as donations go in it will show how much is raised for Celine. Please consider donating so she can have a chance at finding her forever family!
Day 6, wow I never thought I could come up with stuff to post about. Did you know that I have gained 6 followers since the challenge started? Plus at least 100 views on my blog post alone about meeting Hansina & John David. I will be getting some really nice yarn from a friend at church who says she has too much to knit lol, (like i have plenty too?) & she has told me she would rather it go to someone she knows who will use it for something good. Well, she told me I could use it to fundraise in some way for Reeces Rainbow so I will be putting stuff in the etsy shop I have once made.
Keep sharing so Cora Lynne can find her forever family!


littlelola said...

Hi Its Sandra... Got your email :) Made another small donation for Cora Lynn. I am going to try and donate $10.00 a day during the 5/5/5 I have been selling things and trying to make extra money that way. Anything I sell will go into Cora Lynns account

Leah said...

Thats an awesome idea! If I had more money i would do that. Let me know if you have a blog or anything so I can help. I will be setting up more items in my etsy shop to sell for these girls soon. hey every little bit helps!