Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today is the 1st day of the Cora Lynne Challenge!

I am kinda stealing this from the video I watched at church but it is true.
Today this little girl waits for a family to love & cherish her,

Today an orphan somewhere will die, Today an orphan will be transfered & have no hope, Today I am starting a journey so this little one will find her family! Please join me today by taking Cora Lynnes Challenge! Help her not have to be transfered hopefully, not ever! The best chance at her finding her forever family is by SPREADING THE WORD WHETHER IT BE THIS BLOG OR HER REECES RAINBOW PAGE OR FOR THE LOVE OF CELINE & CORA LYNNE FACEBOOK GROUP!! It does not cost a thing to do but your time, also if you have a blog I ask that you post about her! You never know where someone might be that decides they should adopt!

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