Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will not give up with just 2 days left!

I am not giving up & my word for today is PRAY, PRAY PRAY!!! PRAY TIL SHE FINDS A FAMILY!!! I WILL DO ANYTHING OR GIVE UP ANYTHING FOR THE LOVE OF BOTH CELINE & CORA LYNNE TO HELP THEM FIND FAMILIES!! Are you one of their mommies? Both girls cannot be adopted together so I am searching to find 2 forever families!
Pray they will stay safe & warm
Pray they have not been transfered
Pray that if they have they still can be adopted & are doing well
Pray for their future forever families as they come to the decision to adopt
Pray they will get fully funded grants
Pray that through collecting recycles & the bake sale to go well so that these girls can meet their 5/5/5 goal of $5,000
The power of prayer can do miraculous things!

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