Sunday, April 15, 2012

Normal what is that?

Normal what is that anyway? Normal is a setting on the washing machine. Who is normal? I am certainly not normal, I may not have special needs that are clearly visible but if I did would that defy who I am? Would I be considered abnormal? Would I be tossed asside being stuck in a crib 24 hrs a day. What about minor disabilites like hand deformities or ones that need medication? I take Magneisum everyday cause I was born with a VERY RARE thing that makes my hands shaky. (sorry I don't know the official name of it) Sometimes I wish I did not have to remember to take it everyday, but then I wonder if I had been born in another country would I be tossed asside just cause of my hands being shaky? My hands luckily do not shake as much as they use to thanks to the medicine & my hands getting stronger. (likely all the knitting I do lol) Sarah just wants to be like anyone else, her Down Syndrome or social phobia does not defy her & why should they? She hardly wants to watch anything having to do with DS as she wants to be NORMAL like anyone else & not have her disability defy her. These kids ALL DESERVE TO HAVE A NORMAL LIFE & WILL SPEND THE REST OF THEIR DAYS IN A INSTITUION IF NOT ADOPTED BY THEIR 16TH BIRTHDAY!! IF YOUR HOMESTUDY APPROVED PRETTY PLEASE CONSIDER ONE OF THESE OLDER KIDS! YES THEY MIGHT BE CHALLENGING BUT AREN'T THEY WORTH IT?



EDITED NOTE-Sadly since I wrote this post 18 kids Mostly older had to be taken off Reeces Rainbow due to no longer being able to be adopted including Leigh who I had posted. PRETTY PLEASE WITH ALL I ASK IS TO SHARE THESE KIDS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! I HATE SEEING OLDER KIDS LISTED THAN HAVE NO HOPE SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!! THESE KIDS WILL SPEND THE REST OF THEIR DAYS IN A INSTITUION IF NOT ADOPTED ASAP!! Can't adopt them? Then please spread the word as you just never know who you might effect!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

gosh its terible! change needs to come faster than the time these children have!

Leah said...

I certainly agree!