Thursday, April 5, 2012

Testing 1.2.3

I am making sure the comments work in general & if my official followers from when this blog was Caring for Celine & Cora Lynne are still here & who is truely reading this blog as its been WAY TOO QUIET AROUND HERE.
Please help me by doing the following:
How did you find my blog?
A little bit about your self
Favorite food
If your a official follower of my blog say I am a Beautiful Butterfly!
Note Rochelle, I know you read so you count as a follower.

And the testing starts now! Lets see how many comments back I can get to see if People are reading! Again Rochelle & Katrina I know you both do.


Sarah said...

When you switched blogs, I lost you... when someone told me your new blog, I tried to follow, but it told me I already had, even though none of the posts were showing up in my blogger dashboard or google reader. I had to subscribe this address into my google reader So even though you have all the followers, many aren't/can't read.

-I honestly don't remember, probably from someone posting about you or a sidebar...
-I'm a fellow orphan advocate, big sister, and crocheting maniac
-Hmmm... dirt cake, or fruit
-I'm a beautiful butterfly! :)

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Name - Joy
How did you find my blog? - Etsy
A little bit about your self - SAHM
Favorite food - Mexican
I am a Beautiful Butterfly!

Anonymous said...

I'd been reading your prior blog (had bookmarked it) and one day it just came up as no longer valid. It took me some time until I saw a post of yours in the RR forum to find the new address. I'm thinking that's where many of your readers went. They may think you just deleted the blog. If there's anyway to post a message on the old blog to redirect your readers, that may help!

Sue H.

Leah said...

Thanks Sue for your suggestion, I don't think their is a way since its the same blog just a new address.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

hello leah....jane here from flight platform living. i lost you too. i just found you again via facebook and you know i am a beautiful butterfly xxxxx great to find you again xxx