Friday, April 27, 2012

Our God is Mighty!

The total you have waited for has arrived into my Celines grant! Thanks to JBF, birthday gifts/misc, & the change drive I was so pleased to send a check off to Reeces Rainbow for $260! After my friend, who I hope I will be able to get her to guest post or at least write/share a photo about her fundraiser that raised over $1,000 which made her grant jump Wednesday. Now her grant is over $10,000 YEP YOU HEARD ME! IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME GO SEE HER BOX TO THE RIGHT! I am so greatful that God has taken her grant from $3,033 a year & a half ago to that amount today! PRAISE GOD!!! SO THANKFUL TO MY FRIENDS & FAMILY WHO MADE THIS MIRACLE POSSIBLE & TO THE FRIEND WHO RAISED THAT OTHER AMOUNT I THANK YOU!!!

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