Sunday, April 22, 2012

What does Transfer mean?

Transfer in the world of special needs orphans, most of the time means the worst. It means Life or Death sometimes. It means that their chance of adoption sometimes is dashed. Most orphans get transfered to these Mental Institutions around 4-6 yrs old, sadly this is real & I believe we need to SPEAK OUT FOR THESE LOST & LONELY ORPHANS. Some of you may think I am only 1 person how can I help? If I had not stepped out of my shell begging on my knees raising funds for Mackenzie, or Quinton, or any of the other orphans I may have been a small part of they might still be in orphanages or institutions. I know I may only be just 1 but to that 1 or 2 or 3 or 100 I know I made a difference to them.
Meet Keegan

Keegan is only 1 years old, & just reccently found out he is being transfered if not adopted soon. Why? His orphanage, is closing down. He is the only one right now listed for adoption. Another sad fact, this is a orphanage where I have seen many kids come home from thrive including my buddy Quinton. This is what Reeces Rainbow has to say about him:
Brand new baby boy! It's not often we get to list one so young! Isn't he a little doll!?
He has Down syndrome and a heart defect – a defect of the chamber divider, but surgery is not recommended. He also has issues with his eyes crossing.

Please I am begging you like never before to spread the word about this boy! He needs a family & be home next year for his 2nd Birthday just like Quinton! Are you his forever family? contact Reeces Rainbow for more information.


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

just shared on facebook and pinterest and twitter! poor baby! xxxx

Rosie V said...

I also Blogged about Keegan and have before. I hope his parents are paying very good attention.