Monday, August 20, 2012

God provides

  • UPDATE on Selah from Yvonne (blog) Monday about 12:30am:
    "Today was a very hard day. Selah had no responses till evening & that was hard for us! However as they were changing an IV she had tears and was moving her head. We were told that tears come from the lower part of the brain stem and was not really a big sign. We don't know, it seems she is here at times. Still NO gag or cough PLEASE pray for that! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is a new week, she will finish the study at 5 pm and be taken off the cooling sheets. She will start physical therapy...She was started on feeds through a nasal feeding tube ( just like a NICU baby has) and is tolerating that. Her heart rate was down some around 130-140 , it still needs ot get down to 100! Please pray for our girl to come back to us! We have both...
    cried on and off all day.

    Went to church this morning and I just wept through most of the service. The words of the song becomes so much richer when you are going through a trial..."the Defender of the weak, You comfort those in need..." How Great Thou Art" etc....

    we went out to eat after service and the server asked how many and Jon and I both said 7, then we said 6...then we cried when we were seated. It was hard to ride in the care with all the children and have that one carseat empty. Oh God somethings are like knives in the heart!!!!! Then as we were getting ready to leave the server comes over with a gift card from a family who had just left. We just bawled again and so did our server....

    I can relate to David in the bible when he said "his eyes were swollen from crying" Please pray that God will see those tears and answer our prayers!!!!!!!!"
So yesterday after my "whine" blogpost after letting all my emotions & frustration through tears & words, I went to bed exhausted at how I am trying so hard to save money & just a little bit of everything stressing me out. I tried listing something on craiglist a while back & that was a complete waste of time with 2 flaky people who took a few days to reply each time so decided just to wait & sell said item at the yard sale I am going to do through the neighborhood sale. I keep debating whether I even want to do a auction cause about the time I get done I am stressed to the max making sure said people get prizes that they paid for & typically sending off prizes while worrying about the best way to pack & ship it cause I don't have tons of money to spend on shipping. Don't get me wrong I love Giveaways & Auctions, they are so successful but it takes a lot on me. So this morning at church (before service) I opened my email & there with tears in my eyes was a chip in  notification of a donation made to me from a beloved friend. I had prayed last night asking God to provide & telling him I trust him. Its not like I asked or begged to donate in my blogpost at all, she gave of the willingness of her heart. For that I am greatful, & I thank her for what she has done. Between that, a donation from my grandma, & my profit from my Amazon Associates link I should only need about $175 now! God wants me on this trip to Russia & I am sure he will provide the rest needed! Thanks for all your support, love & prayers as I embark on my 1st international adventure!

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