Saturday, August 4, 2012

When saying see ya later is so Hard

This next week is going to be the fastest week of my life & the most difficult, cause my little brother has graduated & is off to college in another state. I don't know why this is harder than when my sister went off to college I really think it would be easier with a brother than a sister but nope over the last few years from me down to my little sister the four of us have definitely grown closer than ever. I have had a good relationship with Matt, as he is just a good listener with a good opinion of things. This see ya later is going to be rough as you say goodbye to the good times blasting out Disney songs in "bessie", enjoying chickfila, watching movies & addicting tv shows, oh & the best hugs. How do you say See ya later? Being halfway across the USA from your brother or anyone you love for that matter is just plain ole hard. One thing for sure, I better have a stockpile of tissues cause I am certainly going to need it! Don't get me wrong I am so proud of my brother & happy for him! You don't know how hard he has worked to catch up his final year. Thankfully he is going back to our state we were born in & will live close by to my Grandma & other extended family so that reassures me he will be fine but still this sister is not looking forward to August 11th.
As children we have some great memories & tough ones but our love for each other has always remained.
                                          We love you for bear hugs & going to miss you with that
                                                 From the baseball all star
      To being the simply awesome super support star to Pink Princess & others with disabilities!

To being the simply adorable
                                                  Handsome & mature
                              Making me laugh with your sense of Humor

And rocking it out on the drums


I so wish we could go back to these days. We have been the best of siblings but I know college will do you some good if though its going to be strange not having you around.

       Its especially hard to say goodbye when you likely won't see him til 4 months from now so all I will say is SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR! 

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