Sunday, August 12, 2012


Stuck, that's what I seem to be lately, what do I need to write about? Am I writing what needs to be said? Its hard to imagine the world in which I don't live in & have only heard about from thousands of families.
Just imagine this little girl trapped in a whole other world.
A world in which she sits in this highchair to pose for a picture that could change her world. Sophia K is 4 years old & will soon be 5 years old in November. She could have already been transferred to an adult mental institution. I can't imagine this precious princess being tied in a crib or spending her day in a chair rocking back & forth, back & forth cause it was the only thing to do.
Will you be my forever family? To protect, love, & cherish me for who I am?


Stephanie said...

I have loved Sophie for a very long time and can't understand why she has been passed over for so is precious and I am also concerned that she has been transferred...wish we could get a new picture.

Leah said...

Me too, I believe alot of other kids in her region reccently got updated photos so hopefully soon she will too. Thanks for leaving a comment today on my blog Stephanie.