Friday, October 12, 2012

How $5 can make a life difference!

First of all if you think I can't do much & I wish I could do more or that $5 can't make a difference well I am here to tell you Yes, it can! I can tell you from a young adult with not much money. For several months now I have had to force myself not to go overboard on things or when something comes when I feel lead to give I say I can only do $5 but I know it does make a difference. Had I said my $5, $10, $25, $30, etc was too little would these kids named be home?
Makenzie ("Lydiah" on RR)
Lyla ("Lilliana" on RR)
The Unroe five-Aleshia, Keith, Anita, Nicholas, & Anhnja
Jessa & Caleb
"M", "C", & "R"
Every little bit makes the life changing difference to an orphan! So whether you can hit a simple share button on facebook or donating $5 know your making a difference to one precious little girl!
Praise God for the $55 that came in tonight for Celine! I was starting to be disappointed about today for her but I cast it aside & glad I did not choose to worry about it! $45 is what stands in the way of Molly Conley getting pied! Celine says pretty please? 
Now to tell you all about a fundraiser that I have been signed up to do for awhile & have never had any bites on it. Do you love to digital scrapbook? Let me tell you about My Memories Digital Scrapbook program!

I have loved using this program to all sorts of things with it!

Time Line Covers for facebook!

Want to get this awesome program?

1. Order the My Memories 3 software with this code 
STMMMS49256 at checkout 
2. You will recieve a $10 discount from that code & will recieve a $10 store credit.  
3. Everytime that code is used I get $20 which I will be donating all proceeds to Celine

Your $10 store credit is money you can spend on scraping kits but be sure to check the freebie section on their website!

If I can get 3 persons to purchase it using my code I will be entered in a drawing for $50! If I win I will donate that to Celine!
Make sure not to forget all the ways to help Celine listed here!

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