Sunday, October 7, 2012

Words cannot express

Wow amazing to think how far her grant has come! In the past 24 hours $307 has come in! Yay, God!!
Well I was going to post the video of myself getting cupcake in my face but I can't seem to get a way to upload it sorry.
If Celine could say thank you I am sure she would!
What you have no idea the love that's been rejoicing with me the past day is so huge! Everyone trying so hard & so happy to help me help precious Celine! It has been the best 24 hours of my life, you have not a slight clue what my emotions went through on the day of Celines Birthday picturing her in this cute outfit or that adorable pair of shoes. I hate admitting this but I did feel like crying in Walmart that day being sad she does not have a family.
This Beautiful girl who I pray for every night, her stocking I have claimed hers still sits waiting in my room from last December with a note of prayer for her. As you all know last month I did the consignment sale raising $104 for her, well I had tried offering it as a small match but no response then this took me by surprise.
Only God knew! He decided to answer my pleas & so off went the check today!

Celine you are so loved & treasured by me & all your shooting stars team! My beautifuly butterfly, I am praying for Miracles for your grant to soar, for your family to find you, & your country. Words cannot express the love I have for this precious girl. Its still hard to type without tears streaming down my face. Honestly somedays I have almost wanted to give up but I press on for Celine & God!
I long to be giving her a hug & have a picture with Celine at the airport! Its just rips my heart out that I can't be her mom or sister or other family member. I would love her to be in the same state but if not I'm still going to plan to meet her at some point!
I have heard from others that adoptions from Celine's region can cost up to $58,000. Let's get this grant matched & surpass it!!

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