Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Not?

 Why not look into the eyes of a precious child who deserves Love?
                         Why do you let me sit here waiting?
                      Is it because I am not worthy of your love?
                 I simply can not understand why she still waits. 
  I am so happy her grant has grown by over $700 but yet at the same time it kinda bugs me in a way that its been slowly but surely getting there. I keep wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to help but I am just exhausted. I was not even sure if I really wanted to do a blogpost today. I know she is not a "popular" girl but why not donate or share for her today? Every $1 is matched!!! Please check out the Saving Celine Giveaway for a chance to win a Nikon camera & be sure not to forget Celines Party on Scentsy!!!

1 comment:

Rochelle said...

I know! She is adorable...breaks my heart :(