Monday, October 8, 2012

The girl who took my heart away

Wow I am overwhelmed at the Love for the girl who took my heart away! $549 in just 2 days & mostly without entering the Nikon Giveaway! I'm still quite overwhelmed that much can be given in such a short time! For over 2 years now I have been going pretty much non stop blogging, advocating, fundraising & praying for this girl who took my heart away who I would love to call daughter but am unable to due to age & other circumstances. I'm not trying to brag I just am sharing what God has done. Some people may call me a saint for what I do but really I do it for the honor of God! Like I stated before I'm no super Hero just an ordinary girl!
The girl who took my heart away, Celine
                  She had me hugging & loving her from afar. 
                   Not knowing someone cares for her very much
                            Who listened to Gods voice
                   Even when her heart was ripped into pieces 
              That she could not rescue Princess Celine herself

Some days this girl wanted to Give up thinking its too hard, who will listen, why do I bother? But she keeps on praying, fundraising like crazy, & advocating daily even through her heartaches! 
Then you get reminded of why you are doing this
And you say YES I CAN DO THIS!
Celine, the girl who took my heart away.
The girl who gave me the courage to take a leap of faith by doing my first Giveaway for her called Shoot For the Stars Giveaway.
Whose grant was at $3,033 when I first got involved with Reece's Rainbow in July 2010.
Who I never thought I could raise over $2,000 for or that much money period in 2 years!

I have cried buckets & buckets of tears for this Girl thinking when will her family come? Why God have you made her wait this long? But then I remember God's timing is perfect. He knows when her family will find her. I do have fears for these kids & I am at peace cause I know Celines in a good place but still the Love a family can bring is so much more than an orphanage! So today all I ask is you pray Celines forever family might find her? 

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