Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exciting News!

First & foremost if you have not checked out Kenzies shower I encourage you to do so! They still need $800 to be fully funded! I have some exciting news to share! I received the consignment sale check in the mail & for both girls together I raised $209 praise God! Sadly of course I did not win the 80% drawing but I am pleased with this amount & will look forward to JBF in the spring to raise more funds for the girls. Okay since my fundraisers did so well I want to offer the chance for these amounts to be matched to these girls grants. Even though its small every little bit helps! 
Brandi, just turned 5 years old & has gone unnoticed far too long.
I'm offering $182 to her grant if we can get it to $306.70 which means once I add my amount she would have $488.70 in her grant!
Next up we have Celine,
$104 to her grant when it reaches $10,511.40 then it would be $10.615.40 when I put the funds in.
Lastly theirs Cora Lynne,
$104 to her grant once it reads $5,309.50. Once I deposit her funds her grant would be $5,413.50
So go donate even $5 would help a child in need of a forever family! Even if you can't donate please pray their forever families find them soon!

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Unknown said...

oh i love your heart! i am praying praying praying for funds to roll in quickly! xxx