Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Craziness Part 1

The craziness of kids items galore started a few months ago & really was not much til about the last week before the sale it multiplied by LOTS!! Like usual the consignment sale is twice a year & so just when I think I am about done it comes back around again. Typically, I sell at both the Sacramento & Elk Grove sale but this time I am not sure when my nephew to be shall make his grand entrance so I decided to do the Sacramento one. When we first moved in December I wanted to have a yard sale sometime in the spring so when I was told no for a yard sale unless its part of the neighborhood sale I just about gave up on the idea cause the neighborhood one was just so far off in the year. Well a few months ago I decided I should do the Neighborhood sale to fundraise for my trip to Russia & for Brandi. Then I noticed the JBF consignment sale & the yard sale were back to back weekends oh the joy! A speed bump almost happened in my planning but thankfully it worked out perfectly even if I have to donate my JBF leftovers cause I could not volunteer the required breakdown shift to get them. THANK HEAVENS I HAVE HAD SO MANY GIVE ME DONATIONS FOR THE YARD SALE & HAVE GONE THROUGH SOME OF OUR PERSONAL "STUFF" TO GET RID OF! JBF has gone great & I am sure it will the rest of today! (locals to Sacramento details on this awesome sale on my fundraising link at top) Thanks everyone for praying for me during this craziness & please pray for the rest of today to go well & then Saturdays yard sale to do well! I'm having the hardest time trying to get help so prayers for Patience & that we have enough room for all the blessings God keeps providing to sell!
Tis just the beginning of the craziness...
     This is all (plus a few more big items that were not in the photo)
what went to JBF! Most of it was to benefit the pregnancy center but its nice cause almost all but 2 big items were benefiting the girls!
   And of course my JBF posts can never go without the sale photos!
     Only one of the many rows of girls clothes on drop off day!
                  Oh & never to forget the deals you find!
My jbf steals! $4.50 for both still new with tags & name brand baby gap & Gymboree! Can't find any better than that!
Can't wait for Craziness part 2 during the yard sale then I am taking a break from fundraising til Angel Tree! Still thinking about a blogging break but for some reason everytime that happens God calls me back to blog about something in particular. I still have to get pied in the face for Jacob & still want to do a guest post from my mom about my sister. I will get there eventually so be patient if I have been slow about something!

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Katrina said...

So glad you had so many donations this time. It's a lot of work but I know how much you love these children and want to help them find their families. Keep up the good work :)