Thursday, September 27, 2012

The girl with the smile

The girl with the smile,the one that I fell in love with
Her adorable pig tails & adorable grin called saying help me find my forever family! If circumstances were different I would get her myself. My HEART was forever changed by one VERY SPECIAL little girl waiting across the ocean.
Back in 2010 I thought she would surely be scooped up in no time but here we are 2 years later & still she waits. She is now about to turn 7 sometime next month & has changed somewhat but still is adorable. Her newer picture makes her look so sad but its just a bad shot of her. I still think she is the bubbly little girl she is! 

I know the reason partly why she has not been scooped up & I am still praying things will pickup speed in her country cause ITS ABOUT TIME THIS GIRL GETS A FAMILY! 
I have written about her WAY TOO MANY TIMES BEGGING & PLEADING FOR A FAMILY FOR HER! Celines future mama whoever you are know your daughter is dearly loved by many & has a team that will be behind you 100%! I LOVE HER TO PIECES LIKE A SISTER OR DAUGHTER & WILL DO ALL I POSSIBLY CAN TO HELP BRING HER HOME! 

2 years ago I never could have imagined that I could have raised over $2,000 in that amount of time with the help & encouragement of my friends! I have watched your grant grow from over $3,000 to now over $10,000 & each time with squeals of delight that it brings you one step closer to finding your family! I'm not kidding when I say I did not plan on raising THAT MUCH or even THINK I would ENTER THE SCARY WORLD of FUNDRAISING but HER SMILE in that picture TOUCHED ME BADLY to do SOMETHING. Whether it's PRAYING, ADVOCATING OR ADOPTING WE CAN ALL BE THE DIFFERENCE FOR THIS ONE by doing SOMETHING!
Here's the fundraisers that have been a BIG SUCCESS these past 2 years:
Just Between Friends Kids Consignment Sale
Yard Sales
Celine's Shoot for the Stars Giveaway
The Lost Get Found Giveaway
Change drives
Misc Christmas & other gifts from family
Their have been others not quite as successful but it did help so I will include those! 
Scentsy Fundraiser
Necklace fundraiser through Joybelle Jewelry on etsy
 Its been a long sometimes HARD & other times JOYFUL ROAD through fundraising, advocating, & MANY PRAYERS but it is SO WORTH IT & I pray someday I will be able to SEE HER WITH HER FAMILY AT THAT GRAND AIRPORT HOMECOMING! Even if I have to go with them on the come home trip or fly to another state I will just to witness that special moment! That day I am sure I will need thousands of tissues LOL. Sweet Girl, I love you & continue to pray for you everyday & for whomever your family might be that they are coming for you. Your stocking I claimed yours has been hung since last Christmas with a prayer note just for you & when you do find a family I will have gifts for you waiting.
If interested in precious Celine contact Reeces Rainbow! Or if you can't adopt go donate to her grant! Every little bit helps bring her one step closer to her forever family & their is a matching grant for her going see below!

For my blog readers please stay tune cause as soon as Angel Tree starts November 1st I will have fundraisers to help her grant grow even bigger! Right now though if you want to help click on my amazon link box to the right I get a certain percentage from amazon using that link for any orders placed & for the rest of september & all of october it will be put towards Celines angel tree goal! Also PLEASE DON'T FORGET CELINE HAS A MATCHING GRANT GOING RIGHT NOW! 

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Unknown said...

wow you are an angel for these children. Celine is lucky to have your heart...for what a heart! never get discouraged! xxxx