Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Celine,

Their is a reason for everything,
I believe God lead me to you to help find your forever family.
Another reason is my sister God blessed with that extra chromosome like you have! I love your cute little grin not cause you were blessed with that gift but its what makes you who you are! Today was not quite was expected but you know what I believe their was a reason I found another person who loves you so much & is so kindly wanting to help fundraise for your adoption. God lead me to this person so I can have another member of Celines Team. This has been a somewhat crazy but in a good way week for you. Your grant grew $36 more thanks to another warriors dad! Several have messaged me with donations for the next Giveaway for you. Lately I have written several good messages to you & Cora Lynne on my Facebook page. This is just a few of them:
My heart yearns to tell you, I will love you for you, to treasure you both, & tell you that your families are coming for you. It aches to my very soul that adoption has to be so expensive, I mean why put a price tag on your life? I wish in my every being I had enough to support both your adoptions but I don't. I wish 1 or both of you could join my family but you can't. Why do we have to put a cost on LOVE? I am praying their might be a way to do some bigger fundraisers for you girls but right now I also keep praying your families might come.
& another-I long to see your smiling face, everyday I look at that page I long to see it there. When I don't see it on that page it makes me hurt for you knowing you don't have the love a family like mine can bring. Love you baby girl & I will keep praying for the day I see you on the My Family Found me page! when that day comes I will shout it for all the world to hear!
A few days ago Reece's Rainbow got a lot of hits on their website from a reccent news broadcast which I hope will bring more to know about you & all your friends!
Oh & finally I started another change drive all for you! So thats whats happening this week baby girl I love you & hope you are safe & warm! I am fighting til the ends of the earth on fundraising & finding your forever family! Leah
ps please stay tuned for the Giveaway Jan 18th! Donations still appreciated for prizes! leave a comment here


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

loving your heart and all you do! when those faces finally appear on the MFFM page i will jump for joy with you xxxxxxxxxx

Elissa said...

Leah, you are such a wonderful "momma" for Celine until she finds her family. She WILL find her family too. Also, I have a small item I can donate for your giveaway. It is a Gigi Hill wallet key chain. I will send you a picture as well as information on it so that you can use it for the giveaway. Then whoever wins it I will just mail it out to them. Keep up what you are doing!

Leah said...

Elissa, I would so appreciate it! aww thanks Jane!