Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shattered Heart

My heart is shattered, for all that's going on with a certain country right now. My heart not only is breaking for that situation but for this girl. Nothing too harsh has happened but sadly 1 of the requirements to adopt her is a 30 day wait. I really don't want to loose hope that her family is still out there but I don't know if theirs a family who would adopt her with such a long wait. I am NOT GIVING UP, & PRAYING FOR HER FAMILY TO FIND HER!

Celine still waits, dear precious girl I wish I could hold you & share the real reason of the season with you. I wish I could tell you it would be your last christmas in the orphanage & that a family was coming for you but since I can not I am praying this is your last christmas without a family. Your stocking will be hung on my bulletin board waiting for you til you find your family. I pray that someone may give you some extra christmas cheer to you. You have a grant of $7,512.83 & I so wish I could grant you the full grant for your forever family but since I can not, I brainstorming on what I can do to fundraise more for your grant.
I love you baby girl with all my heart! Love, "auntie" Leah


Stephanie said...

You are one of the most dedicated warriors. Don't give up on this sweet little girl. Surely there is a family out there for her.

Stephanie Lynch

harris family journeys said...

You know I spent 12 weeks in country during our adoption in 2009 and it was still one of the most wonderful things I have ever done in my life! My boys were worth every second and just like an exhausting pregnancy, I don't even remember the bad anymore, just the good! I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Look at Celine's face! This is the face of an angel! She is worth it and the right family will surely see that. I took our other children with us and homeschooled them there which was an experience they will never forget! God will lead Celine's momma right to her! I would love to have her!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that adoptive parents must stay in the country for 30 days after approval? We pray for Celine, pretty much every night at bedtime, and my heart aches, like yours. Hold on, Celine!

stephanie said...

I love her too and she is always on my mind. i'm saying special prayers for her until Christmas(I'm Catholic we have special prayers for everything. LOL)

God's got this, I know he does. Her mama will find her!

Leah said...

yes Rochelle. But their is still hope for her so all you ladies keep praying Gods working on it!